By: Farzad Barkhordary

In this Tutorial, You can find a rendering Methods step by step by Marker and pastel.
Hope this one be helpful for you.

1- I start my work with an executive view, from the back of a GT car as style of jaguar, and after getting a good perspective, I draw it with pencil on an A4 Plane paper as you can see in picture of bottom.

cars to draw

2- Then I will make the main lines stronger with fine tip brush marker, for better quality of lines. I color black areas with black marker in somewhere that I have darkest arias. then Each level will scan with scanner for Photoshop playing.

3- I want to have a bright silver and it's reflects, in Sundown time. So I start my work with dark blue color as it has a same effect as you can see in below picture, with dark blue powder pastel. I rub it and divide this powder with clean towel or clean peace of cotton, as you seen in my past tutorials in the same site. It needs you know that which part of body have reflect from atmosphere, and so where is darker in this effect.

4- As we know that the sky in sundown in the horizone level has an orange color usually.  So I add some orange color, in the bottom of blue color at the horizon area on the metal body and side windows.

5- Now it's time for No.5 Warm Gray Marker for earth reflection in body, which you can see in this picture as the base color of the dark.

6- I add darker No.7 Warm gray for far sides and some details in the earth on the last gray color too.

7- Now I decision to have some parts of body, with Bright finished Chrome, in the parts as rims and bumper of the car. Here I use the lightest blue color at the same areas on the parts that we have reflection from sky.

8- Now time is for earth reflection on the chrome parts that I done it as you can see in this picture.

9- More details and finishing the back light is necessary, darker colors make your render more believable

10 - Here you can see the finished rendering or serious sketch, with adding the Highlights, with White poster color; White Polychromous Pencil and a little Photoshop lens fleer filter on the wheel Arches and tail of body.
This sketch spent one hour for first pencil work, and three hours for finishing with poster and marker.

Your comments will help me for better works and if you give your appointments and your views in my art work and my mistakes, will make me happy. lol...

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